Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just Java 2007 Slides

As a reminder, I published the slides I used in my presentations at the Just Java 2007 conference in the Drools blog:

Just Java 2007 Slides (part I)
Just Java 2007 Slides (part II)

Enjoy, and feel free to join the community in our malling lists and IRC as detailed in the Drools Project site.


Sheida said...


I was wondering is there anywhere in the drools roadmap a view for supporting java 1.6.
I couldn't find any specific drools forum to ask the question there.

Thanks in advance

Edson Tirelli said...

Take a look at the project site. There you can find the pointers to access mailing lists and IRC.

About your question, Drools works for Java 1.6, except for functions, because of changes in JVM classloading. We shall fix that soon.